Main Features

The Most Complete Multivitamin And Mineral For Women's Daily Use

Effective In Improving Energy Levels And Increasing Physical Strength

Improvement of Mood Problems And Muscle Spasms During Premenstrual And Menopause

Strengthen The Function of The Immune System

Help Maintain Healthy Skin, Hair And Nails

Contains Green Tea Extract And Ginseng Extract To Improve Metabolism And Maintain Fitness

Contains Antioxidants To Reduce Stress And Maintain Cardiovascular Health


It can be obtained from valid pharmaceutical centers in the country


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حاوی 31 ماده موثره جهت تقویت کلی بدن خانم ها

Contains 31 Effective Ingredients For Overall Strengthening of Women's Body

حاوی اسیدآمینه های ال-سیستئین، ال-متیونین و ال-لیزین جهت کمک به حفظ قوام ماهیچه ای

Contains L-cysteine, L-methionine And L-lysine Amino Acids To Help Maintain Muscle Strength.

قابل استفاده به صورت یک بار در روز

Can be used once a day

با حداقل میزان عوارض گوارشی

Minimal Gastrointestinal Side Effects

تشکیل شده از با کیفیت ترین مواد اولیه سوییسی

Consisting of the highest quality swiss raw materials

فاقد گلوتن

Gluten free


Having proper physical strength at all ages is an important point that is significant for every woman. Despite the volume of daily activities, work and stress, sometimes not having enough sleep and of course improper nutrition, it can be expected that we will feel listless and not have enough energy to do sports activities and many times even routine tasks. . This issue increases with age and becomes more visible especially during menopause. The fact is that women's bodies are affected by many changes, especially hormonal changes, and depending on the amount of these changes, women will experience various complications, including physical weakness, hair loss, and skin and hair problems. Apart from that, at the same time as age increases and enters the menopause stage, considering that the amount of estrogen hormone production in the women's body decreases, and this issue will be directly related to the reduction of muscle density and consistency in the women's body, therefore it is necessary to always pay attention to the consumption of a suitable nutritional supplement based on the nutritional needs of the women's body. ACTi WOMAN contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals to provide the energy needed by women's bodies, and the presence of amino acids with antioxidant properties in this supplement will be useful for maintaining density and strengthening the muscle system in women's bodies. In the following, we will examine each of the components of this supplement separately.

The Most Complete Daily Mineral Multivitamin For Women

ACTi WOMAN is a multivitamin-mineral that contains 31 nutrients for women's daily use. This supplement contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain women's health, including zinc, iron, selenium, and chromium, along with the amino acids L-cysteine, L-lysine, and L-methionine, as well as ginseng and green tea extracts, coenzyme Q10. and other useful substances, including para-amino benzoic acid, which is designed to meet the nutritional needs of women's bodies.

Effective In Improving Energy Levels And Improving Physical Strength

The presence of compounds in ACTi WOMAN supplement help to strengthen the overall body of women, which will improve the energy level. Hormonal changes, in turn, can cause changes in women's bodies, and depending on the amount of this change, women will be accompanied by various complications, including physical weakness due to muscle wasting. Apart from that, at the same time as age increases and entering the menopause stage, considering that the amount of estrogen hormone production in women's body decreases and this issue is directly related to the decrease in density and consistency of muscles in women's body, as a result, physical strength will be greatly reduced. ACTi WOMAN contains 3 important amino acids L-Lysine, L-Cysteine ​​and L-Methionine, which together help the health of your muscle tissue.

Effective In Reducing Mood Symptoms And Muscle Spasms In Menstruation And Menopause

One of the unique features of ACTi WOMAN supplement is the use of effective compounds in improving mood symptoms and body spasms during premenstrual period as well as menopause. Although the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are not seen in all women, most women have experienced abdominal pain, bloating and general irritability several times during their premenstrual period. By having sufficient amounts of effective compounds such as zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese and kokiuten, Acti WOMAN supplement helps to moderate body spasms, mood problems including stress and irritability of women during this period.

Effective In Improving Fitness And Reducing False Appetite

Worrying about taking multivitamins and minerals and increasing appetite is one of the concerns that may discourage many women from taking nutritional supplements. With its useful ingredients, including 40 mg of ginseng extract along with 30 mg of green tea extract and of course 100 micrograms of chromium, among other things, in the field of improving metabolism and preventing false appetite, it prevents obesity, and at the same time Now brings fitness.

Ingredient of ACTiWOMAN

Nutritional Facts
ویتامین های گروه B
B Group Vitamins
Strengthening The Nervous System And Hematopoiesis
ویتامین A
Vitamin A
Suitable For The Immune System
ویتامین C
Vitamin C
Strengthen the immune system
ویتامین E
Vitamin E
Antioxidant Property
ویتامین D3
Vitamin D3
Enhance Calcium Absorption
ویتامین K
Vitamin K
Regulation of blood coagulation
Regulation of Metabolism
اسید آمینه ال- لیزین
Essential Minerals
Essential Nutrients
Essential Micronutrient
Effective In Hematopoiesis
عصاره جنسینگ
پارا آمینو بنزوئیک اسید
Aminobenzoic Acid


In this supplement, there is a useful function in cardiovascular health, rejuvenating cells, preventing premature aging and reducing oxidative stress. Its amino acids also help to strengthen muscle tissue. And besides all these positive features, the presence of green tea extract and ginseng is useful for improving metabolism and reducing fat accumulation, and brings fitness.

حاوی تمامی ویتامین ها و املاح ضروری برای سلامت شما
Contains All Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Your Health

ACTi WOMAN is the most complete multivitamin and mineral supplement suitable for daily use by women. The 31 effective ingredients in the ingredients of this product will meet your body's daily nutritional needs and help strengthen your body overall.

کاهش علائم خلقی و اسپاسم های بدنی قبل از قاعدگی و یائسگی
Reducing Mood Symptoms And Body Spasms Before Menstruation And Menopause

The anti-inflammatory compounds found in ACTi WOMAN supplements especially help your health during premenstrual and menopause and are effective in relieving symptoms such as stress, mood problems, weakness and lack of energy, headaches and other special complications of this period.

موثر در بهبود سوخت و ساز و کمک به حفظ تناسب اندام
Effective In Improving Metabolism And Helping To Maintain Fitness

The presence of compounds such as green tea extract and ginseng especially help to improve the metabolic function in the body and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. At the same time that ACTi WOMAN supplement provides vitamins and minerals needed by the body, it also strengthens the metabolic system and helps to maintain your fitness.


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  • این مکمل برای چه سنی مفید است؟

    Multivitamin Mineral Activemen supplement is useful for the age group of women after puberty until the postmenstrual period.

  • طریقه ی مصرف اکتی ومن به چه صورت است؟

    First, it is recommended to see a doctor for diagnosis and any treatment. However, if you are taking the Activemen supplement without a doctor's prescription, after the end of a period of use, go to the doctor to check (need to take it again, etc.).

  • مصرف این دارو در دوران بارداری و شیردهی به چه صورت است؟

    شما می توانید از محصولات تخصصی برای این دوران یعنی اکتی ناتال و اکتی ناتال پلاس استفاده کنید. به دلیل وجود اسید آمینه ها، مصرف اکتی ومن در این دوران توصیه نمی شود.

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